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I am a writer, editor, teacher, mother, and college essay consultant, passionate about inspiring young people on their application journeys. Combining my varied experience as a executive function coach, an adjunct professor at Columbia University, and the Head of the Essay Review Team for the world's largest college admissions company, I come to consulting with a unique take, providing encouragement and practical advice to my clients and their families. 

I earned an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University and a BA in literature and photography from Bard College. These educational pursuits have enriched my understanding of storytelling and artistic expression, which I also bring to my work. 

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By combining multiple aspects of my professional expertise, I assist each student and family through the (often daunting) college essay writing process. Young adults thrive through both gaining independence as well as adhering to certain guidelines. To this end, I use my skills as an executive function coach to help break down and simplify the essay writing process. Together, my students and I make clear, manageable deadlines to set them up for success.


I have been teaching creative writing for over 14 years in the Columbia University MFA Program, at Rutgers University, and in my own private workshops. I draw from my experience as I mentor my students, helping to inspire "college essay worthy" ideas which the student can draw from as they begin to draft. My techniques for eliciting original, inspired work are tailored for each student. Through my years as an educator, working with students with varied capabilities, I've learned that developing a strong rapport by creating an understanding, non-judgmental space is also integral to the writing process. 


As the Head of the Essay Review Team for the world's largest college admissions company, I have helped hundreds of clients get into top 20 schools. My vast knowledge of the admissions process from "behind the scenes" has given me unique insight into what schools are looking for, both nationally and internationally. I have worked with many admissions committee professionals from various schools, which informs the way I help my students customize each essay for each specific college, major, and school.

Many college essay companies focus on the end result and ignore the other aspects of a student's college application journey, which often includes anxiety and frustration, as well as a general feeling of being overwhelmed. I accompany each family through the process from start to finish with timely communication, empathy and patience, assuaging fears with concrete answers and clear guidance. 





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